Nintendo officially reveals the Switch Lite, portable only

It’s one of those typical worst kept secrets of the industry. It’s been obvious for a long time now that Nintendo was working on a follow-up to their very successful Switch console and now the Nintendo Switch Lite is official.

Unlike the original console, it’s not a hybrid product and as such is a portable console only. Therefore it’s lighter and smaller and comes in three colours: Grey, Yellow and Turquoise. Get your first look at it below:

What we know for now is that it can’t be docked to your TV. It comes without HD Rumble and it now finally hosts a proper D-Pad. It launches on 20 September at $199 (probably about R3,500 locally).

Here is a comparison between the original Switch and the Lite.

There is a special edition Pokémon Sword & Shield Switch Lite launching too, which might interest you.

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