Rumour: Xbox Germany accidentally releases video announcing FFVII Remake for Xbox One

Update: 12.31pm a member of the marketing team has pointed this out as a “mistake” and the video has been removed:

Up until now, we assumed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a Sony exclusive. The game’s only available platform is the PS4 and while there have been talks that this will be a timed exclusive, a slip up from Xbox Germany tells us that the game might not be as exclusive as we think. Nibel on Twitter posted about the leak: 

That’s a pretty big bombshell if true. As Nibel stated, the game was slated to appear first on PS4, but this leak by Xbox Germany runs completely counter to that. The slickness of the announcement tells us that this might be legit, but something had to go very pear-shaped for it to remove its Sony exclusivity. We’ll have to wait for official word about this and we’ll update you when we do, but this news might make Xbox gamers and Final Fantasy fans very happy. 

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