The Burning Question: What’s the one game you always go back to?

Isn’t it funny how we all have ‘that’ one game? You know the one. No matter how many new releases there are; No matter how many people are talking about the console exclusive that’s just become available on Game Pass; No matter how few hours you have left to play before you have to call it a night; It’s the one game that always pulls you back.

Now, before you assume this is just a cleverly disguised “What’s your favourite game?” question, take a second and really think about what you play.  Because while it’s true that every now and again we do return to our favourite game, often our favourite games are so special because they’re mostly one-time experiences. A wonderfully engaging 20 to 60-hour single-player story that wows you at every turn is often so unique because you only play it once (or at least very few times). And often you don’t want to cheapen the experience by constant repetition. And while Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is not my favourite game – man, have I played that game a lot! And yet, almost weekly I find some excuse to play again.

So this time think about the game you play when you could (and sometimes should) be playing something else. The game that’s feels like your safe place. The one that’s smack dab in the middle of your comfort zone. The one that you can play again and again, and never feel bored. The one that’s the time-filler while you’re waiting for dinner. And the cheer-you-upper when you’re feeling down. You know every level backwards, every twist and turn. You can recite the dialogue in your sleep. And yet you just keep going back.

What’s the game you always go back to?

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