The NES games of Switch Online are getting a rewind feature

If you have played any of the popular retro game collections, you probably love, or have at least used, the rewind feature that so many of them have. Now Nintendo is adding the feature to the Switch Online service.

From July 17, if you make a terrible mistake that cost you a life, or possibly the entire playthrough, you can hold down ZL and ZR and you can pick from a timeline of snapshots of your gameplay. Because who wants to head to the game over screen right near the end of a game because you missed an easy jump or didn’t see that bullet sneaking towards you from the side of the screen?

On the same day, Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew are being added to the Switch Online NES app, which both sound like good options for trying out the rewind feature, especially if you want to keep Stanley alive as he fumigates Donkey Kong away.

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