Don’t expect a Nintendo Switch “Pro/X” any time soon

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed a portable only Nintendo Switch Lite, which is essentially a smaller version of the original Switch with many of the key featured removed. The Switch Lite, for instance, doesn’t have removable Joycons, and you cannot connect it to your TV using a Nintendo Dock.

The Lite version of the console has been rumoured for a while, along with a beefed up, more powerful version, but according to Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America President, that’s not going to happen too soon as reported by CNET.

According to Bowser, the Switch Lite isn’t a sequel or a replacement of the Nintendo Switch, but rather, a lower-cost option mean to complement current hybrid console. He said the Switch Lite will be the only Switch related hardware we can expect this year. Bowser also told CNET that you will be able to transfer between the devices, which means a possible multidevice solution could be on the cards, but we will have to wait for more information on that later.

The Switch Lite feels a bit strange considering you’re losing the ability to “Switch” between different modes of play, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo did their research and found there is a market for a cheaper, portable only option. We’ll have to wait and see how that works out for them though.

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