Facebook wants a bigger slice of the gaming pie through Oculus

According to an exclusive report by Alex Heath writing for The Information (via IGN), Facebook is looking to expand its reach by venturing more aggressively into the video game industry. Having purchased Oculus in 2014, Facebook already has a foot in the door through VR. However, it seems that the social media giant is intent on blasting that door open, with Heath going on to explain how CEO Mark Zuckerberg is becoming directly involved. 

Insiders mentioned in the report explain how Facebook has already signed exclusive deals for VR versions of Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed, and the opening paragraph of the article actually states that Facebook is actively looking to acquire game studios. These new acquisitions would no doubt be tasked with bolstering the Oculus game library. Heath also touches on how sales for the recently launched Oculus Quest have exceeded internal projections. The combination of new acquisitions and the gradual improvement, popularity and sales of all things VR may mean that Google and Netflix will not be the only two (somewhat) unexpected names making a splash in the video games in the coming years. 

Look out world, Facebook is coming; Likes and pokes included. 

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