The Division 2’s expeditions arrive on July 23/30

The first episode of free content for The Division 2 is releasing on July 23. Called DC Outskirts: Expeditions, the first episode will be available to Year 1 Pass holders from July 23, with all players getting it on July 30.

In this new content players will leave Washington DC, looking for resources and tactical assets outside of the city proper. The episode will also continue the story, which ended previously with a boss fight at Tidal Basin. Players will be tasked with finding a lost convoy, apprehending a traitor and finding an elusive faction boss before they regroup.

The convoy in question was carrying vital supplies and contact was lost somewhere just outside Washington DC. The expedition will take place over three different wings, with wings releasing weekly.

Besides new content, the game will be getting a new difficulty option for the Operation Dark Hours Raid. Called the Discovery Difficulty, this easier option doesn’t drop the exotic loot of the raid, but acts as a good training ground for normal, letting players learn the layout and the fights before going in to the raid proper. While there won’t be exotic loot, there still will be some gear and rewards for doing this difficulty.

Gear Score 500 gear can now be crafted and crafted weapons can now be recalibrated, allowing you to turn your piles of scrap into something really deadly.

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