The first GRID gameplay trailer is ‘like no other’

The first GRID game that released way back in 2008 stood out from the crowd at the time. Instead of just being a bunch of cars that follow each other in circles, without the AI ever stepping out of line, you had races promoting the feeling that real-world race drivers experience. Where trading paint with other cars meant that you were in for quite the fight to the chequered flag.

The reboot of the series with the release of GRID this year plans to play “like no other” game out there and because of that you’re going to experience something brand new. According to their blog you will be taking part in “unpredictable motorsport stories”, where you as a driver are plonked into various scenarios that you have to overcome. 

AI drivers have been upgraded immensely and you won’t merely be leading the pack as in most other racers. You’ll be fighting those midfield battles and should you push the AI to its limits it’ll react to you by being offensive. It might even get its teammate to take you out. It sounds like things get real personal in these races. 

As with the original game there will be both real-world tracks, like Sepang and Brands Hatch, along with several other fictional circuits. Expect to tackle these tracks in various car classes, disciplines and modes. According to them there will also be no grinding, as with the original game. From the below video it seems that some of the original fictional tracks from the first game have been given an update and included in the game that’ll launch in October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Be sure to read much more about the upcoming game on their official blog.

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