Expect the Mortal Kombat movie to include Fatalities

When it comes to game-converted movies there isn’t much to get excited about for most part. Tomb Raider was okay, Super Mario Bros. was dreadful, so was Street Fighter and in recent years Assassin’s Creed and Hitman also failed to make an impact. It’s just generally not a good idea to convert a game to a movie, except if it’s Mortal Kombat, apparently.

The original back in ’95 is regarded as one of the better conversions to the big screen as it stayed true to the games that made it so popular. Now with the new movie in production people are wondering whether we’ll see more blood and gore and perhaps some fatalities this time round. The good news is that we will. 

The screenwriter for the Mortal Kombat movie reboot, Greg Russo, took to Twitter to confirm some of these important matters:

There you have it. Get ready for all the blood and gore you can handle.  Flawless Victory. 

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