Tetris Effect is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store

Tetris Effect used to be a PlayStation exclusive, but it seems the colourful blocky acid trip is coming to the land of the PCs and extremely soon. On July 23rd, in fact, which is next week. The game might have shook off its PlayStation exclusivity, but it threw itself into another exclusivity arrangement with, you guessed it, the Epic Games Store. 

Tetris Effect released last year to much acclaim thanks to its extremely creative reimagining of the classic Tetris formula. Sight and sound played a pivotal role in the feel of the game and it aims to not only test your puzzle-solving, but your senses. The game was available in PSVR exclusively, but Oculus Rift and HTC ViVe support will also be added to the Tetris Effect PC release. 

I’m way past getting mad at Epic for getting another exclusive, but this one is thankfully controversy free. Of course, PC gamers will enjoy a whole host of upgrades as well with support for 4K resolution, uncapped framerates and even more options to pump the graphics up even more. It will definitely be the definitive way to play this game if you want to enjoy all the beauty that it has to offer. 

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