Nearly a decade later and classic Gran Turismo tracks discovered in GT5

Gran Turismo 5 will forever be remembered as the game that took a century to arrive on the PS3. By the time it did finally show up in 2010, Microsoft had already produced Forza Motorsport 2 and 3. It was real late to the party.

To top it all off, the game came with what it then called ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ cars where the premium cars had interiors, while the standard cars were made up of a black interior of nothingness. There was also a massive lack of tracks and modes. Overall the package was exceptionally disappointing. Thankfully GT6 fixed all those wrongs and the rest is history. Now nearly a decade later fans of the series have discovered that there lie some treasures deep within the code of the game… and you can play on these tracks.

It looks like there were plans to launch more tracks to race on via DLC that never materialised. These tracks include classics from the PS1 era like Pikes Peak, through to Seattle in GT3 and other courses from GT4 and the PSP version. So, how does this all work? GT Planet explains it:

The method to experience these tracks is what we’ll call… “unofficial”. To boil it down, it involves tricking the game into thinking it’s loading one track, when it’s actually loading one of the hidden circuits. With the GT5 online servers switching off years ago, this doesn’t hurt any players, but does allow for fans to experience old tracks with cars they’ve never been able to before.

Get a look at the Seattle track in action below, running in GT5.

What’s more is that it looks like they had plans to include wedding cars in the game. Why it would feature is anyone’s guess, but these three vehicles have been discovered within the code.

Here are a selection of additional screenshots of the game running some older GT classic tracks.

There best not be classic tracks discovered in GT Sport, unless they plan to eventually release them. GT Sport is fantastic, but it’s missing the charm of those older courses.

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