GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort is open for business next week

It is only the best selling piece of entertainment of all time. It has sold more than any music album, any movie and, of course, any game. Grand Theft Auto V is just massive and it is thanks to its online component that the lights are still on six years after the game originally released. If you’ve been addicted to this online crack then you’ll soon be gambling any in-game money you might have away as the new DLC is dropping next week on 23 July for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The new building, The Diamond, will be changing the landscape of Los Santos – not just from a visual point of view, but also from a entertainment perspective. Inside the luxurious casino you’ll find three card poker, blackjack, and roulette tables to blast your money on or become super rich. You’ll also play slot machines and even bet on virtual horse races. Players will also get a daily spin where you stand the chance of winning a new super car that is not available in the game by default. 

That’s just the start of it. Once you become a VIP you’ll be recruited by the owner, Tao Cheng, to take part in missions to help him to stop a hostile takeover from the Texans. 

Yes, you’re not done with GTA Online. Get a look at what you will be doing next week: 

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