Marvel’s Spider-Man is now the best selling superhero game of all time

It’s San-Diego Comic-Con time in America and so, of course, there is superhero news everywhere. Happily, for many of us, superhero culture coincides nicely with our video game interests and today we have some news that ticks both boxes. US video game industry analyst Mat Piscatela always has a lot of great NPD numbers (he is really worth a follow on Twitter) and yesterday he revealed another interesting stat:

Yes, of course whenever you’re are looking at NPD numbers there are a series of caveats you need to consider: NPD only really considers US sales. It doesn’t cover all retailers, and due to the unfortunate impracticality of collecting such data, digital sales numbers are not included. That being said, it is one of the only guides of its kind we have. So it’s mighty impressive that Spidey has managed to topple the Bat’s ever-popular Arkham games. And with the love that Insomniac Games continues to put into the game – we’re sure these numbers are only going to increase.

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