Borderlands 3 had some pretty wacky early covers

Video game box art is a pretty important craft. It’s the game’s first opportunity to tempt you into buying it and we all know what they say about first impressions. Cover art is a lot less important these days because we usually know what the games are about and don’t have to rely on just looking at the cover like we did before the days of the internet. However, it’s still very important from a branding perspective.

The Borderlands series always had pretty colourful box art and they took it to the extreme with the current design for Borderlands 3 that features a psycho in a Christ Pantocrator pose which is obviously quite a bold direction. However, that wasn’t the first cover they considered. Gearbox was at San Diego Comic-Con and did a bit of an exhibition of the rejected cover art for the game. A very kind ResetEra forum user by the name of vestan took pictures of the covers for us all to enjoy:

I’m quite happy with the art they chose for the final cover. It’s extremely colourful and fits very well with the overall aesthetic of the franchise, especially with the golden array of guns in the background. But it’s quite interesting to see the process and early concepts that the game went through before they got to that point. This one was pretty funny though:

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