The Vita just got a firmware update in an attempt to stop the homebrew scene

If you’re the proud owner of the Vita who has had a lot of joy by tampering with everything it has to offer in the homebrew scene, then you will know that the hardware is extremely easy to hack. Players have managed to play all sorts of games on it. These range from old school classics to newer games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. The Vita has been exploited to its fullest. It’s about to come to an end for some, for now.

Turn on your Vita and you’ll be asked to update the hardware for ‘security improvements’. Update to version 3.71 and you Vita will be up to date with the latest firmware, but you’re not going to have much joy outside of using the official apps and games on the unit. It’s obviously angered those in the hacking scene as it now means that, should a person be interested to buy a Vita purely for hacking it, that the Vita might be updated to the latest firmware. It now can’t be stated that ‘all Vita’s’ are hackable.

As it stands, we don’t promote the hacking scene at SA Gamer, but we’re well aware what the reasons are why some people do.

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