Wanderlust is a game about travelling and the lessons to be learnt

Travelling overseas to find yourself or a gap year is very much a thing of privilege and more often associated with first-world countries than with us in distant South Africa, but there is a lot that can be learnt from travelling, or even from walking in someone else’s shoes.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories is a game about travel for those who want to travel and maybe they can’t or won’t, or perhaps they will soon. Whether going overseas or just going out of town, there is a desire to travel in a lot of people, to explore and see new and different things.

In Wanderlust, five explorers are swapping stories in a small bistro. Each tale puts you in their shoes, where you manage their finances, their packing and make sure to manage mental and physical health as they travel. This is how you learn their tale, see how they grow and view some beautiful photos of the various locations.

The game is made by developer Different Tales, which features the talents of Artur Ganszyniec (lead narrative designer on The Witcher) and Jacek Brzeziński (project lead on The Witcher and game designer for Hitman) and is based on a love for travelling.

Wanderlust will release on 28 August for PC and iOS.

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