Next mainline Yakuza game will be fully revealed next month

We’ve known about the next evolution of the Yakuza franchise for a while now and since Yakuza 6 was the final chapter for our hero Kiryu, the baton was passed to a new protagonist by the name of Kasuga. The character has been in Yakuza games, but not mainline ones since he only had appearances in Yakuza Online and he’s still a bit of a mystery. The new game goes by the title of Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan which is quite a mouthful, but it means “Like a New Dragon” which is quite symbolic.

The game is set to have an official announcement and reveal on the 29th of August as announced on the game’s Twitter account:

A conference will be held on that day by SEGA in Japan which will fully reveal the new face of Yakuza. It’ll be interesting to see where they go in this new direction for the franchise. I suspect that the traditional formula will remain largely unchanged since they have refined it so much over the series’ long and storied legacy. I suspect our frequent area of Kamurocho will also make a big appearance.

We’ll have to wait until the 29th of August to get the full details and as you can see from the tweet, the game is already set to release on the PS4. I don’t know if it will head to PC like the previous Yakuza games did recently, but I’d wager that the chances are pretty high.

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