Two Point Hospital is coming to consoles later this year

It’s been over two decades since the massive PC hit Theme Hospital came around. And it took almost 20 years before a hospital-themed management sim that was anywhere as good and as punny as the original came around again. Finally, last year, Two Point Hospital arrived. Abigail reviewed it for us back in September and gave it a great 8.5. And, after too long a wait, we had a worthy spiritual successor. Unfortunately, it was only available on PC. Then, later in May, we got the news that the game’s developer Two Point Studio was acquired by SEGA. The new partnership no doubt would mean more support and possibly more games, but could it also provide hope for console-owners? Well, it seems so…

Like Theme Hospital years before it, yesterday we learned that Two Point Hospital is making the jump to consoles. However, unlike its predecessor (that was only ported back then to PlayStation), Two Point Hospital is coming to all platforms: Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Craig Laycock, brand director at Two Point Studios, posted a pretty comprehensive blog post about what you can expect for the console release, so be sure to check it out. However, in short, what can you look forward to? Laycock explains:

…It’s going to include two great expansions for free – Bigfoot and Pebberley Island – and will benefit from a load of great free updates released for the PC version since launch too. We’ve also designed an intuitive, quick and precise control scheme from the ground up that’ll make building your hospitals more satisfying than ever.

It’s all very exciting so be sure to check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for Two Point Hospital on a console near you sometime later this year.

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