Five games that get your creative juices flowing

Despite their interactive nature, few games actually encourage creativity. The worlds we visit are often amazingly detailed and a joy to explore, but it’s often a passive experience in terms of your own imagination. However, every now and again a game comes along that really encourages you to get involved. Games that put you in the driver’s seat, and make you responsible for generating ideas. Here are 5 games that really get your creative juices flowing…

The Incredible Machine

It’s an oldie but a goodie. TIM was one of the first games I enjoyed that really got me feeling like I was part of the design. Sure the goal was defined and the objects somewhat limited, but creating your own unique digital Rube Goldberg machine felt great – especially as a kid.


A game creation tool and puzzle platformer featuring Sackboy may sound a little out there. However, it became a big hit and after several sequels that delivered on the “Play, Create, Share” motto – LittleBigPlanet remains a favourite series for many.

Nintendo LABO

This one is a little different in that creativity makes its way into the real world. Despite the obvious high cost and younger target-audience which may put some people off, as someone who has been able to try two different LABO sets, I can assure you that it is special. LABO provided a whole different way to enjoy video games – and with the added opportunity to introduce kids to coding it’s sad that not more people are able to try it out.


Available now on nearly any and all platforms, you’d be hardpressed to find a game that more people have played that encourages more user-generation. And if there’s any doubt be sure to have a quick look online at what people have built in the Minecraft. Everything from space shuttles to ancient and/or fictional cities – it’s all possible in the game now held by some as the best selling video game of all time

Super Mario Maker 2

A game that was simply ideal for the Wii U, Super Mario Maker was a fantastic idea when it came out and still is today. And while the sequel loses some of the ease of use from the original, the additional features more than make up for it. Not only is this a great game for Mario fans, platformer fans and everyone in between, but the game also teaches you about level-design in such an accommodating way that you quickly feel like an amateur Miyamoto. And even if you’re on the fence about the creative side of things, the sheer level of user-generated content makes the game a contender for my GOTY 2019.

Honourable Mention: Dreams

Unfortunately, Dreams is something I haven’t yet been able to try. But seeing some of the amazing creations that the community (in Early Access) has already been able to produce using this amazing creation tool gets me really excited for the future. Everything from remakes to reboots, movies to your own animated series – it all seems possible in Dreams. And while the scope of this title is so grand that it pushes the definition of what a ‘game’ is – the fact that it’s on the PlayStation gets it an honourable mention on my list.

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