FGV winner has a sisterly bond – and our weekly wrap up!

Welcome to the final Free Games Vrydag for July! Oh boy was it quite a month filled with cold, slow news days and the friendships that we had inside us all along. We’re going to be heading into August before next Friday and things are looking like another slightly quiet month, but as I can see from the release list, we have some spicy stuff waiting for us. We’ll hope you’ll be here to read all the reviews and the strange words that pour out of our weird and nerdy brains.

Weekly wrap up!

My face when I get too close to the braai

In this week’s biggest oopsie, Grand Theft Auto V got a casino which would have been awesome if you couldn’t use real money to gamble with virtual money inside a video game. Because of that, the casino update can’t be played by over 50 countries and yes, us South Africans are on that list. Well, Rockstar, I can’t say that was unexpected.

Tim gave us an excellent list of five games that get those creative juices flowing. It was nice to look at some games that encourage you to make your own fun instead of it being handed to you all the time. I also watched the Netflix trailer for the Witcher and since I own the medallion, the hat, the Funko Pop figure, the wallet and a personal shrine to Triss Merigold, I shared my thoughts on it.

We got a couple of reviews this week with Garth schmupping all over the place in Pawarumi and Zain really enjoyed his new life in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Comment of the week!

Yahtzee made our hearts melt in the Burning Question that asked how you choose your forever game:

Brought a tear to my eye, I swear. It might be a little comedic, but what the man says is true. I definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the friends I made on my travels through Internet Land. Also, we got a bonus comment of the week because I just had to.

MonsterCheddar posted this in the article about the Xbox One’s dashboard getting a makeover:

And then this one in the story about EA Access missing some games on the PS4:

If anything, this wins for the pure dedication of it. Well played. Good Game.

The winner!

I’m very happy we got to give away Wolfenstein: Youngblood this week because it means that we get to gift someone the pure joy of murdering Nazis. Trust me, they deserve it. But we can only have one winner, as you all know by now, and that is none other than:

Henry Phillips

Congrats to Henry for winning this fantastic prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Enjoy your time in Paris. I heard it’s nice this time of year.

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, wonder no more! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I have a date with international rugby fixtures and the German F1 this weekend, but other than that I would like to finally finish up my playthrough of Final Fantasy VII for the umpteenth time. Enough grinding, it’s time to bring Sephiroth to an end. [This has nothing to do with what Dawid said, but we played Firewall Zero Hour last night and when Dawid killed two of our enemies that were shooting at me with expert precision, I literally screamed, “DAWID, JOU F****N YSTER!” I felt you needed to know that.]

Garth: My weekend is literally a repeat of last week. Too busy playing FFXIV to even look at anything else. I may be hooked. Is there a support group for people who play multiple MMOs at the same time? Or at least a guide on splitting time or cloning, those would help too. [Don’t look at me pal, I’m over here trying to play MMOs, play literally all the games, watch every TV show and become the internationally renowned ballerina that I know I am. We need more time, man.]

Charlie: Since last week was a bit of a blur, I’m looking forward to locking myself in the house and not emerging until Monday. I have some serious studying to do, so will definitely be spending most of my time on that, but I also want to dive into entertaining, mindless gaming. Bayonetta 2 needs to be finished, so that will be on the cards. The rest, I’m not too sure, I’ll see where the weekend takes me. [Locking yourself in the house with Bayonetta is literally a dream I had.]

Tim: It’s crazy busy weekend for me visiting friends and family, and with the flu still lingering I suspect this weekend will likely consist of visits interrupted by sessions of sleep and rest. Boring but probably what’s needed. [Poor Tim. Family and flu? Get better soon.]

Marko: I have some review games to tackle and I know there’s one thing that’s going to happen this weekend no matter what. A whole lot of killing. And you know your boy loves that sweet justified murder. Also, I am hopelessly addicted to FFXIV and I totally blame nobody but myself for that. The game is just really, really good and that sweet dopamine hit you get from levelling up and finishing quests is pure salve for the soul, I tell you.

And there we have it, another explosive week done. Go out this weekend and hug a stranger. The reason I say that is that maybe when I’m out walking I might get a hug and boy would that be nice. I’m very huggable. If you don’t do that, which is probably wise, please go enjoy your games as much as you can. Some more joy in the world never hurt anybody.

Free Games Vrydag returns next week. We’re not quite done murdering Nazis just yet, but this time the perspective will change a little.

I am way too tall, played way too many games and I love to write about what we love about games. In the end, I'm just being #Thabolicious

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