Fire Emblem Three Houses male Byleth voice actor is being replaced

If you are busy playing Fire Emblem Three Houses and picked the male Byleth and are playing with English voices, you might notice a change at some point in the future. The voice actor, Chris Niosi, is being patched out of Three Houses and Heroes after reports of his mistreatment and abuse of former friends and partners.

After Niosi’s role was revealed shortly before release, many familiar with him were unhappy about the news. Niosi has since admitted to a history of being abusive, and of mistreating friends and partners.

Niosi published a confessional apology on Tumblr, which apologises to those he abused and mistreated.

Nintendo decided to remove Niosi as the voice actor of male Byleth in both Three Houses and Heroes. The patch for Heroes has already removed Niosi, with a patch for Three Houses still in the works.

“After assessing the situation, we decided to re-record the character’s voiceovers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes with another actor.”

Nintendo of America to Go Nintendo

There is no mention of when the patch will go live.

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