This Death Stranding character dies 60 times per day

Do any of us know what Death Stranding it really all about? Not really, no. But that is what makes it all the more interesting. We know that Hideo Kojima loves unique characters. Each character in the game comes with a name attached to it for a particular reason and we now finally know why Heartman has his particular name.

In a character short video we all learn that Heartman’s heart stops every 21 minutes. He’s dead for three minutes, before an automated external defibrillator revives him. In the below video we see a short explanation of it as he discusses how he keeps himself busy every single day by watching short movies and listening to music, while chatting to Sam (Norman Reedus’ character). We don’t get to see him dying in the scene, but we can imagine that it’s going to create a lot of turmoil for Sam.

It’s as out there as we expected and we don’t think the wackiness is about to end any time soon. 

Death Stranding launches exclusively for PS4 on 8 November.

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