Heroes of the Storm introduces new original hero Qhira

Something stirs on the Public Test Realm of Heroes of the Storm. The battle brawler just got a new hero and she is another original hero. Qhira is a bounty hunter in the Nexus, and with her chainblade, grappling hook and quick movements, she engages enemies and gets the job done.

This melee assassin wasn’t always a bounty hunter. She hails from Iresia, a world that was ravaged by war and shattered. She is perhaps the lone survivor of that realm and while she looks for other Iresians, she takes on odd jobs to survive.

Qhira’s Q ability is called Carnage, which extends the chainblade out in a direction, causing continuous damage to enemies caught in the path.

Her W ability, Blood Rage has a passive that makes all basic attacks and abilities cause a bleed effect for four seconds. This ability can stack five times. The active part of the ability is doing extra damage to every enemy with a bleed on, and healing per affected hero. The damage and healing increases in potency per stack.

Her E ability, Revolving Sweep, attaches the chain blade to an enemy, with a mini stun. She then becomes immune to all effects and avoids basic attacks as she spins around the target. Enemies caught by the blade take damage. Using the ability again retracts the blade, sending you into the enemy and knocking them back with a slightly longer stun.

Her trait is the Grappling Hook, which pulls Qhira to any terrain it contacts. It can also attach to enemy heroes, doing extra damage when you impact into them.

Qhira’s two heroic abilities allow you to pick your poison of dishing out big damage, depending on your playstyle and what your team has on offer. Unrelenting Strikes deals damage to nearby enemies every .5 seconds for 2.5 seconds, with the area of the attack growing as it is active. After 2.5 seconds, a final burst of damage is applied and enemies are stunned. Her Final Strike has a 1-second windup and deals massive damage in a line to all enemies in the path. This damage is increased by 25% if an enemy is below 50% health.

Her talents include options for longer bleed durations, getting armour from attacks, healing effects on abilities or strengthened healing when at low life. Her level 20 talents include a silence when using Unrelenting Strikes, or more damage to low health enemies with Final Strike, revealing all enemies that are at low health and improving grappling hook usage when connecting with Revolving Sweep.

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