It seems Hitman 3 is in development

We’ve seen Agent 47 in his very own movie and in several games to date. He’s one of the most lethal assassins in the business, but unfortunately the sales of his games of late haven’t reflected just how glorious they are to play. Thanks to a modern society that wants the thrill of instant satisfaction where explosions rule the day, providing one of the best stealth experiences of our time is just not cutting it.

Hitman 2 sold very poorly. It’s a shame, as the recent reboot and sequel are two of the best Hitman games that IO Interactive have ever developed. Thankfully for those of us die-hard fans of the seires, IO Interactive isn’t about to stop their direction with the series as Hitman 3 is apparently already in development. This comes via the below noclip documentary. In it they also mention that Hitman 3 might follow the episodic route once again. They’re also working on a new unannounced IP. Here is what Hakan Abrak, IOI’s CEO, had to say towards the end of the video:

We are still very much independent. We’re looking into the future with new things. Potentially, new IPs that we might be working on. We’re looking forward to bringing new stuff as well apart from growing Hitman into the world.

It’s easy to forget that IO Interactive is an independent developer. We highly recommend you watch this documentary. It’ll give you much insight into this Danish development studio that has been punching above its weight for a long time now. 


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