Saccharine party game Disney Tsum Tsum Festival coming in November

In the age of Marvel and Star Wars falling under the Disney umbrella, it’s hard for most of us nerds to not feel some connection to the maker of Mickey. Add to that, all the Disney-nostalgia many of us have thanks to our “Aladdin, Lion King and Co.” childhoods and it’s hard to not have a soft spot for the giant-eating entertainment company. However, even with all that affection (and as big party game fan myself), even I can see myself struggling to connect with Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. The cute/sweetness is dialled up to eleven, and while it’ll probably be some fun with friends that sugary-overdose may be too much for some.

However, some readers out there no doubt have friends or family that have a particular sweet-tooth and if this seems right down their alley then listen up… Bandai Namco UK yesterday announced the date you can expect to see the uber-cute title coming to Europe (and usually by extension SA). Here is their super sweet tweet:

As pointed out on The Verge, so far there has been no announcement about whether the (so-far Japan-only) Tsum Tsum-themed Switch will also making its way to our shores.

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