Get a look at Havana in GRID

Last night Codemasters uploaded a video detailing and showing off the new town of Havana. In it game director Chris Smith and community manager Chris Groves race 15 other rivals, including the official race consultant, Fernando Alonso. They also take the time to detail just how advanced the AI will be in the game. When bashing into an opponent that driver will react based on their personality. If it’s a calm driver he’ll take it in his stride, but drive a hot-headed driver off the track and he’ll come back with a vengeance to take you out. It’s called the ‘Nemesis’ system. 

As with the original game you’ll depend a lot on your teammate to ensure that your team ends up being victorious or to gain a strategic advantage. The game is looking real polished and Havana is a pleasant change for a race setting. Get a look at it all in action.

GRID launches on 11 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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