Over 4 million courses have already been uploaded in SMM2

I reviewed Super Mario Maker 2 back at the end of June and absolutely loved almost everything about it. I scored it a super high 9 out of 10 and while there are a few more games out there that I have yet to try, at the moment it’s probably the front runner for my 2019 Game of the Year.

SMM2 got a lot of attention as soon as the new online Versus and Coop modes were announced. While these modes are great (if you manage to find other players online here in SA), this game offers so much more. Not only does it have a remarkably robust offline single-player mode, but like its predecessor Super Mario Maker 2 is really all about the sheer number and variety of user-generated courses that players upload.

Just last week Marko brought you the news that Nintendo announced that they would be increasing the number of courses that players could upload from 32 to 64. And believe it or not, according to Nintendo Everything, Nintendo Japan just revealed that in a little more than one month over 4 million levels have already been uploaded! So if you’re sitting on the fence and not sure whether to get the game – I’m hoping that my enthusiasm (which I apparently share with a lot of other people too) helps you take the plunge.

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