FGV winner is a Cyberpilot – and our weekly wrap up!

Hello you beautiful souls and welcome to the first edition of Free Games Vrydag for August! If you’ve woken up with an existential crisis that we’re already in the 8th month of 2019, don’t worry, you’re not alone! I really should get started on my New Year’s Resolution. Remember to head over to our gaming releases post to see which games you should be looking out for. So, what happened this week? Take it away, me!

Weekly wrap up!

Thank you, me. This week can be summed up with two words, opinions and Nazi killing. I wrote about VR being the most exciting thing in my gaming life right now and Charlie said he doesn’t play that much on his PS4 anymore and he explained to us why that’s okay. Garth also had some fun telling us the ways we love and fixate on numbers in games, which is a great read.

For reviews, Charlie killed a bunch of Nazis with their own robots in Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and I also killed an alarming amount of Nazis with a pair of gals in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Garth also found some treasure in Anno 1800 Sunken Treasures and he finally (finally) finished his Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers review which if you’re going to read anything, you have to read that.

Comment of the week!

Our comment of the week comes to us from Jeff Meneses on the news post that Street Fighter V is getting E. Honda:

I often wondered if Kevin Bacon actually ate bacon or of his name ruined the delicious meat treat forever. Also, I wonder if Bill Gates has Gates etched into his gates at his house and if that ever confused anyone. Yes, being inside my mind is a trip.

The winner!

You had a pretty good shot of winning this week since not a lot of people own a PSVR, but those of us that do, this a fantastic prize. We only have one future Nazi killer and that is none other than:

Lourens Rademan

Congrats to Lourens for winning this fantastic prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Go do your duty and lay waste to the Reich. I know I did.

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, wonder no more! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: For a change I only have an F1 race to watch, but other than that I’ll be playing games like there is no tomorrow all weekend long. I plan to finish up Blood & Truth this weekend as I need some Michael Bay in my life. [First off, hell yeah brother. Love that game to bits. Also, I’m imagining you sitting there with your coloured headset on and Michael Bay sitting next to you being bored because he doesn’t know why he’s here and you slapping him with a Move controller. It’s a great image.]

Garth: This weekend I return after a month hiatus to Factorio, where a friend and I will see if we remember how to build things, and fix production lines if any patches decided to change the recipes of some of the parts. [The Wookiee is reintegrating himself into society after he’s been playing FFXIV for an entire month. Production lines is but one of the ways.]

Charlie: This weekend I intend to go on a date with Bayonetta 2 since I had to bail on her at the last minute. She was kind enough to allow it, but I don’t think I will be so lucky a second time. Wish me luck folks. [Bayonetta might be gorgeous, but good lord, I don’t want to imagine her as a girlfriend. Just imagine all the hair on the pillows, it’ll be like living with a cat that might also kill you with her heels.]

Tim: Last week my wife and I returned to BoxBoy+BoxGirl and despite the lack of fanfare around it – it really is a great an under-the-radar hit. This weekend we may return to the square puzzle platformer and perhaps I’ll also continue my adventures in space in the Outer Wilds. We also have family visiting from afar – so will be happy to spend some time with them too. As usual… busy weekend ahead. [Hey, at least my spell worked and now you don’t have the flu anymore. It did cost my soul, but hey, not like I was using that thing anyway.]

Marko: I might have done something which I thought was impossible and did a little too much Nazi killing. This weekend I fully intend to just vegetate and take it easy and I think FFXIV will be perfect for that. Otherwise, I really want to play some Xbox Game Pass PC games because I paid for the thing this month and by golly will I get value out of it. I really want to get back into Metro Exodus in particular.

Boom brother, first August wrap up post is a wrap. Go do something fun this weekend, be it an outing, some gaming, a TV show binge or whatever. We’ll rendezvous on Monday and do this whole shebang all over again. See you next week!

I am way too tall, played way too many games and I love to write about what we love about games. In the end, I'm just being #Thabolicious

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