Activision under fire for post-launch microtransactions in Crash Team Racing

I was going to write an opinion piece on Activision’s latest ploy, but just yesterday afternoon Jim Sterling and Chris Hovermale (Destructoid) put up their opinions surrounding the subject and I think the two did the topic justice. Just last week we reported on the fact that Activision will patch in microtransactions in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled and it’s left a real bad taste in the mouth of many.

So, here is the long and short of Activision’s latest trick: A game launches without microtransactions. In turn they dodge the ‘in game purchases’ stamp from the rating board for physical copies altogether (it’s added in later for digital games) and media (that’s us) upload reviews, praising the game without mention of microtransactions, as it’s not there. Of course they’re aware that reviewers will never return and edit any article they’ve written and in turn they upload their money-making methods into the game a month or so after launch. Those who have no clue read the wonderful reviews, buy the game and is caught in their web of microtransactions.

It’s extremely sleazy, to say the least.

This happened in Black Ops 4 and it’s once again happened in CTR: Nitro Fueled, where players can buy whumpa fruit (the currency in the game) to fast track unlockables via spending real-world money on it. No, you don’t have to buy the whumpa fruit, but to unlock anything is going to take lots of dedication. We’re talking playing this game as much as Tim here at SA Gamer does, to take advantage of everything on offer.

I urge you to watch the latest Jim Sterling video, where he details it all:

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