Cooking Mama: Cookstar might be cooking up a storm on PS4 and Switch

Before you and your better half argued with each other in Overcooked! there was a little game that went by the name of Cooking Mama. The DS exclusive later moved to iOS where it ultimately faded away over the years. Well, it looks like this classic series might be returning to the Switch and PS4 in Cooking Mama: Cookstar.

This news comes via the German rating board where it’s been rated for both PS4 and Switch. It also showed up on the Australian rating board, which means it’s real likely that it’ll be announced sooner rather than later. What fans of the original should take note of is that it seems that the original developers, Office Create, isn’t working on it. Instead it’s First Playable Productions that is bringing the game to the PS4 and Switch. Previous titles from this developers includes Big Hero 6: Battle, Ben 10: Omniverse 2 and Style Lab: Jewelry Design

Hopefully you’ll soon be chopping up vegetables and flipping food in pans virtually once again. We’re keen to see how this game translates to these formats without a stylus to work your magic in the kitchen. 


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