SEGA Genesi…err Mega Drive Mini gets a new trailer to remind us it’s still coming

Nintendo’s ventures into the past with their nostalgia-packed NES and SNES Classic editions were amazingly successful. Barring a few issues with the length of controller cords, Nintendo did a great job of playing on childhood memories and getting many of us to essentially repurchase old systems with ancient (and often great) games because they were packaged in a cute way. It makes sense that other companies with similar pasts may want to immediately jump on the Classic/Mini money-making bandwagon.

Unfortunately, Sony found that selling you back your youth may not be a simple as making it a little smaller. The PlayStation Classic not only lacked character and good games, but even the emulation itself left a lot to be desired. Then (back in April) SEGA decided it was their turn to give it a go. Originally due to launch in September SEGA announced the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini with 42 games and by all accounts, it seems they were hitting all the right notes: great game collection, reputable emulator along with the classic looks.

At the end of June, we got the news that the launch of the SEGA’s retro product would be pushed to October. Now while that news likely disappointed a few fans, SEGA is keen to keep the Mini in the news leading up to the launch. Yesterday, we got a new trailer. While it doesn’t reveal anything new – it really does give us the impression that SEGA’s foray into the past is just what fans would want. Check it out below:

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