DuckTales Remastered to be removed from all digital stores this week in a ‘duck-blur’

Six years ago Capcom surprised everyone when one of our favourite childhood games received the remastered treatment (it’s really a remake, but we’ll leave that debate for another day). It formed part of Capcom’s 30th anniversary at the time and saw players one again take on the money-filled shoes of Scrooge McDuck in his adventures to find more treasures. This week those good times are about to change.

Capcom officially announced on Twitter that DuckTales Remastered will be removed from all digital stores this coming Friday on 9 August 2019. No reason was given for this decision, but we assume it comes down to licensing that expired with Disney. At the very least they were good enough to give us all a heads-up that they will be doing it, as they know how beloved the series is. In some good news they dropped the cost of the game by 75%, so best jump in and buy it while you still can. 

Unfortunately this is once again a look into an all digital world, where your favourite game might not be around forever. 


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