Google to host another Stadia Connect ahead of Gamescom

Nintendo and Sony have been doing real well with their Nintendo Direct and State of Play live streams respectively, showing off new upcoming content for either platform ahead of launch and it seems Google will continue down that same road for Stadia. They’ve officially announced on Twitter that they will be hosting another stream on 18 August.

This would make logic sense as the biggest games show on earth, Gamescom, will be kicking off on 20 August. They’re just in time to get as many eyes to see what they plan to do when this new game streaming service launches in November of this year.

They have gone one step further in that they will be hosting their own booth at Gamescom for the gaming world to get hands-on time with their technology, instead of just watching it on a stream like the rest of us. 

There is a lot riding on its success for the future of gaming, whether you like it or not, so expect them to make some waves at the show. 

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