Grandia HD collection coming to Nintendo Switch and PC next week

During my time as a resource-draining child, I accidentally stumbled upon a PC game called Grandia 2 and with me being a fan of JRPGs, I ate it all up with a big spoon. My memory fails me when I try and think back on it, but I do remember the feeling of wonder that the game gave me with its impressive world and cool characters. However, the Grandia series was more or less lost in time and has been largely forgotten except for hardcore fans. Thankfully we’re finally getting a remastered collection of the two-part series.

The Grandia HD Collection is heading to the Nintendo Switch on the 16th of August (next week Friday) with a PC version planned for a later time. The collection will include both games with retouched visuals, UI changes and increased resolution, which is quite standard fare for remasters of the age. The PC version will obviously include more options such as variable resolutions, Steam achievements and gamepad support.

This is a fantastic nostalgia trip for some and some people might discover the classic series that they might have missed out on back in 1997. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console in particular with its handheld capabilities and with this being a JRPG, it’s bound to entertain for hours.

Source: GameSpot

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