Ninja tops one million subscribers on Mixer in under a week

Last week the news dropped out of the blue that one of Twitch’s biggest streamers was jumping ship to Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer. Ninja has been stealing the show over at Twitch for some time now and it seems his following is prepared to head to Mixer to follow his live streams.

Ninja has gained over one million active subscribers in just five days. It’s a huge milestone for Microsoft who has been looking at ways to extend their service to more eyes around the world. The difference with Mixer is that there is a cost attached to it, but with Ninja’s move, Microsoft offers two free months for newcomers to try it out. In turn they’re hoping it’ll convert the viewers to pay up to see of Ninja. 

He officially announced this milestone on Twitter:

As big as he was on Twitch, it pales to his following on Youtube, which has now reached a whopping 22 million subscribers. 

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