Death Stranding has been unlisted as a PS4 exclusive

It was assumed that Death Stranding, Kojima’s next big game, will be a PS4 exclusive. Sony has pushed the game in nearly all of their recent conferences and showcases and it’s been listed as a PS4 exclusive almost everywhere. However, it seems that the game has suddenly vanished from the official PS4 exclusives list.

Spotted by user vestan on the ResetEra forums, Death Stranding was listed as an exclusive on the 26th of May 2019 when you view the site on the Wayback Machine:

However, if you go there now, it’s just gone.

You can find the same happening on the UK, Portugal, France and Germany sites as noted by PC Gamer. It may be a stretch right now, but this might tell us that Death Stranding will be a timed exclusive. It’s quite possible that the game will go on other platforms once that exclusivity runs out, much like how Quantic Dream’s games have made it over to PC via the Epic Games Store. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima was approached by Epic.

This is just a tiny bit of evidence so no jumping to conclusions just yet, but those of you that haven’t been excited for the game because you don’t have a PS4, you might want to start reevaluating your stance. No official word or comment has been made by Sony so far.

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