FGV winners are going Elsweyr- and our weekly wrap up!

It’s Free Games Donderdag, baby! It’s the first long weekend in a long, long time and I think it’s also long overdue. It’s just such a freeing feeling to know that Friday is an off day and for us, it means we don’t have to do the sales post which is a huge plus. We love giving you guys the sales, but our fingers certainly don’t. There’s just so many games going for cheap, man. Anyway, let’s wrap up this short week and get to the weekend!

Weekly wrap up!

It’s Women’s Day, so here’s the best girl.

Like I said, it was but a fledgeling week. The news was hot at times such as Activision that added microtransactions to Crash Team Racing a couple of months after it released. That set the internet on fire a little and for good reason. It was like seeing your friend burn a house down and them going, “Oh, it’s for player choice. They can now choose to live wherever they want.”

We also had a couple of exclusive articles such as Bianca’s fantastic first entry into her cosplay guide dealing with costume components. Charlie did the very fitting nine awesome women in video games list. The Burning Question this week asked us if we met any real-life friends online and I hope you consider me a friend as well.

Comment of the week!

Our comment of the week comes to us from McFancyPantsHD who gave me an existential crisis when I saw this comment pop up on a 2016 article of mine dealing with multiplayer-only games failing:

My man just stumbled upon this article and then I sat thinking for a solid few hours how I spent my life these past THREE YEARS. Also, it was interesting to see what we were mad about at that time and boy, were things much more innocent back then.

The winner!

We had a bit of a different prize this week with a few of you getting 4 card packs and a legendary card in The Elder Scrolls Legends: Moons of Elsweyr expansion, Here’s our list of lucky winners:

  • Edward Vukovic
  • Andre Ferhelst
  • Louis Pasques
  • Ashley Barnard
  • Jon-Deon Petrowski
  • Martin Botha
  • Casey van Zyl
  • Cheron Green Stanley
  • Arno Stoltz
  • Mark MacLean

Congratulations everybody! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prizes to you!

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, wonder no more! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I plan to play a bit of everything. Forza Motorsport 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and, for whatever reason, I’m really in the mood for some Titanfall 2 online. I love that game so much. But first, tonight it’s our first Wipeout Omega Collection session with some of you folks. Keen on that. [Yeah, come join us! Y’all PS Plus members have no excuse and we promise we’re the most lovable blokes you’ll ever get to talk to. Unless you beat Dawid, then it’s a blood sport.]

Garth: I was going to have a lovely long weekend of gaming, but I appear to be really sick and battling to do much. I might play some Final Fantasy IX in bed, or play more Detroit: Become Human, which is a bit like watching a movie that requires a few more button presses. [The flu has jumped from Tim to the Wookiee and I’m legitimately mad at the germs for crippling my hairy father. They will know true pain. Hope you get better soon, Wookiee.]

Charlie: This weekend will consist of some studying, some braaiing, and a bit of rugby and beer. On the gaming front, I made the fatal error of starting up The Witcher III for the third time last weekend. I don’t think I need to explain anymore.


Tim: Tim didn’t get the call in time, but to be fair I forgot it’s a long weekend. My man lives a full life, so I assume his weekend is prop full of activities. This is Marko talking, by the way, Tim didn’t have a stroke or something.

Marko: The backlog is staring at me, I still need to finish Devil May Cry V, but I will be lying if I say that I don’t want to just binge FFXIV all weekend. I go where the wind takes me these days. Also, I still need to work tomorrow at my other job so boo for me not having a true long weekend, but hey, at least I don’t have to get up early to look for news. And if you knew what the news has looked like recently, you’d be celebrating as well.

And there we go, that’s Free Games Donderdag wrapped up. Go out there and enjoy the long weekend, remember why it’s Women’s Day and have fun! There are games to be played and family to ignore. We’ll be back on Monday with a brand new Free Games Vrydag, so look out!

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