FIFA 20 – What’s new in Career Mode?

We’re back talking about EA and the upcoming FIFA 20 due out in late September. A couple of weeks ago EA provided some details about the changes coming to their Pro Clubs mode. This week their special Pitch Notes feature takes a ‘deep dive’ on how Career Mode will be updated this year. Here’s a quick rundown on what you can look forward to:

Manager Mode (Press Conferences, Player Conversations and Player Morale)

FIFA 20 will see a big focus on Manager Mode. According to EA, players will now experience manager-specific storylines which will play out during Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences and Player Conversations depending on your responses. This will not only more directly affect specific player attributes and team morale but also your own standing as manager. This time around the manager’s appearance will have a lot more options in terms of customisation, including the ability to create a female manager.

Dynamic Player Potential

The potential of squad players will vary based on age, playtime and importantly also performance. Not only could this lead to older players delaying their retirement if they’re are playing well and regularly, but breakout stars that are prolific in their first season will have a much higher potential for the next.

Competition-specific themes, screenshots and smaller additions

Several of the bigger competitions (eg Premier League, Champions League) will now feature their own unique theme in the new modes. News screenshots will now be based on actual events of previous games allowing you to track important moments in your career. Amongst a plethora of smaller UI and balancing tweaks and upgrades be sure to also look out for two new negotiating environments.

And that about sums it up. Nothing too extreme, but if the updates to the Manager Mode are implemented well, it may provide quite a fun level of realism that this mode occasionally lacks and I’m quite keen to try it out. Of course, if want any more specific details the comprehensive ‘Pitch Notes‘ feature is well worth a read.

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