Discord is adding a feature that lets you stream gameplay to a few friends

Discord’s Go Live feature rolls out next week, and it will allow Discord users to stream their gameplay to almost a dozen friends. On August 15 the new feature will activate on Discord, letting you stream to 10 friends right from your server.

The system is meant to be rather simple to use, with users hitting the stream button and if the game is detected, off you go. Friends can then watch your stream through the desktop app or through their browser. Go Live will allow mobile spectating eventually, aiming at later this year.

The system is touted as hardware optimised, low-latency streaming with integrated voice chat. Nitro Classic (the free service) users can stream up to 1080p and 60 fps, while Nitro subscribers can stream up to 4K and 60 fps.

In a world where many services allow you to stream to pretty much everyone, the idea of streaming to a close friend group to show them a new game you enjoy, or get some critique or help with a certain section, or just to have the internet equivalent of having your friends in your lounge as you take turns playing games.

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