FIFA 20 Volta will not have microtransactions (at first)

Probably the most hyped feature of the upcoming yearly FIFA edition is Volta Football. Returning to its FIFA Street roots, EA’s FIFA 20 will include the smaller, rougher, and arguably more skilful edition of the game. Not only will your favourite pros be included in this version, but you’ll also be able to choose from 17 unique street-style venues (including our very own Cape Town). Plus, this looks also looks to be a multi-faceted mode including multiple gameplay options like Volta Tour, Volta Story Mode, Volta League and Volta Kick-Off.

All-in-all, it looks like a fun addition. However, because of the multiple modes – many were concerned that this will no doubt just turn into another avenue for EA to reap money from players through the widely controversial and extensive FUT microtransaction model (read gambling) that has proved to be so successful for EA already. Thankfully, as spotted on Janet Garcia’s article for IGN, FIFA producer Jeff Antwi has confirmed that no such techniques will present for the game’s launch:

We’re not planning on launching with any [microtransactions] right now. Anything that you earn is earned through in-game challenges.

Jeff Antwi

Of course, despite the initial happiness, Antwi’s “right now” comment is pretty revealing. So really, rather than being a good thing – may this just be EA going the dodgy Activision route and planning to introduce monetisation once ratings and reviews have already been supplied? Well, it could be argued that FIFA games are already clearly monetised (the FUT mode is well documented in doing just this). However, the wording really leaves it vague enough that we won’t be surprised if Volta becomes monetised sooner rather than later. I’d bet it happens before the year is up.

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