Revised Switch model comes with improvements not detailed by Nintendo

Recently Nintendo announced that a new Switch model had been introduced and the big improvement, when compared to the original model, was battery life. Youtuber, Kevin Kenson, put it to the test and walked away with not only confirmation of the improved battery life, but also some other smaller details.

As detailed by Nintendo, the newer model gains an additional 2.5 hours of play time when compared to the original unit. In Kenson’s test he powered up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the exact same settings and every hour there was a 12% difference in battery life between the two models. In his play time he discovered that something else looked different on the new model and started some tests.

Turns out that the screen is quite a bit brighter with a warm colour upgrade. This is basically to tackle the screen visibility when outdoors. He also found out that the housing of the Joy-con’s were different and it could be that drifting might be a thing of the past with new models. That is still to be confirmed as only time will tell. Lastly he confirmed that the new console runs at a cooler rate. The new model is about 5 degrees cooler, which in the world of tech changes things up. It means your Switch will likely not bend the plastic or crack it when pushing those graphics.

The new model is very likely not available in SA yet, but to tell the difference between the two versions – the old version comes in a white box, while the new one is red. Hopefully you have the patience to wait for the new one. 

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