Borderlands 3 won’t be preloadable on the Epic Games Store

Pre-loading is an important thing for a lot of people. It allows those that have pre-ordered a game the chance to get their download done before the game’s grand reveal and for those of us that have slower internet lines, it’s almost essential. It’s been a common practice in the industry for years now and almost every storefront has such a functionality. However, the Epic Games Store seems to still be struggling with it.

The news comes to us from Tim Sweeney himself on Twitter:

Some fans were unsurprisingly a bit miffed by the revelation and asked Sweeney if the Epic Games Store servers will be able to be up to the task of potentially millions of people downloading the game at the same time, which it seems he is confident they will:

Pre-loading has been on the roadmap for the Epic Games Store, but sadly it looks like they won’t make it in time for the release of one of their biggest exclusives. It only serves to highlight one of the many pitfalls that affect the store at this time, but one thing is for sure, I hope you didn’t hope to play Borderlands 3 at launch on PC unless you’re one of the lucky sods who has fibre.

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