Division 2’s new mode goes offline three weeks after launch

Releasing just last month, The Division 2’s Expedition area was meant to give players something new to do, perhaps even something to come back to after a bit of time away. But now, not even a month after the release of the new content, the Expedition has been cycled out.

A countdown timer has always been present near the Expedition missions, but like so much other content in the game that just starts an unlock cycle again, not much attention was paid to it. The Expedition system unlocked one wing per week, allowing players (and queues) to focus on a single section, to squeeze the puzzles and challenges out of a section before starting the next. But it appears that this isn’t the case, and the content has been locked again.

Community manager Giuseppe Dalicante said on the game’s subreddit that “We always envisioned Expeditions as a rotating experience that will be open for some time, close for a limited duration and become available again later.”

“We don’t want you to exhaust yourselves replaying an activity that currently does not offer the correct ingredients for replay-ability.”

A big part of the Expeditions, the Mastery system which would add modifiers to the various areas to make them more challenging or require specific skills and approaches, hasn’t materialised and the Mastery system never made the release plan. While missing a feature and still publishing an update does give people content to play, it wasn’t made clear that the entire Expedition system would only make a short appearance before disappearing.

“Since the Mastery system was not ready for Episode 1, we had to make a decision between delaying Expeditions altogether or still open them for a full rotation to give all of you a taste of this experience. We would prefer to bring Expeditions back once the Mastery system is at the correct level of polish. We are sensitive to the discussions about the availability of the Diamondback in the meantime, however,” Dalicante said.

So if you didn’t finish all three wings to get your Diamondback rifle, tough luck it seems, you had three er two weeks to do it, right? Who needs more limited time events in their games?

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