Microsoft is willing to consider future first-party games on rival platforms

You might be thinking to yourself that this is old news. I mean, Mojang, which is owned by them, has Minecraft appearing on all formats known to mankind. All first-party games are available on PC too. We also recently saw Cuphead being ported to the Nintendo Switch, with Super Lucky’s Tale following. That doesn’t mean they’re about to stop there. It appears they have bigger plans to share the love. 

Game Informer had a chat with Matt Booty, Xbox first-party studios man in charge, to discuss the role he plays at Microsoft and where it’s heading. Towards the end of the discussion he’s asked whether they’ll allow any of their first-party titles to appear on rival platforms. Here is what he had to say:

Yeah, I think we would. I think that the question is less binary about, ‘should it be on Switch, should it be on PlayStation?’ and more, ‘does it make sense for the franchise?’

In other words, is it a kind of game where it would benefit from the network effect of being on a bunch of different platforms, or is it a game where we can best support it by putting resources and making sure that our platforms, things like xCloud and Game Pass and Xbox Live, are really leaning in to support the game?

The video is time-stamped below, where the question is asked and answered:


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