Tekken 1-7 official soundtracks added to Spotify

Bandia Namco (or just Namco originally) have always taken pride in the Tekken sondtracks. The first three games in particular have a specific style that’ll linger in the mind for a long time for those who played them in the 90s. Namco went as far as to include a music player in Tekken 3 where you could listen to the various soundtracks of each album, should you also own Tekken 1 and 2. Now it’s time for all the goodness to go digital.

Namco Sounds, as it’ll be known, is now officially available on Spotify, but for some bizarre reason there are two groups. NAMCO SOUNDS (all capital) hosts Tekken 1-4 and you’ll find Tekken 5-7 musics by typing in NAMCO Sounds. We have no idea why on earth they would split the two, but at least you’ll get access to some of the best fighting game music you grew up with. 

Whether it’s Eddy’s bouncy Brazilian fighting tunes or Jin Kazama’s guitar riffs, you’ll find what you are looking for in these links:


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