Apex Legends solo event is live for the next fortnight

Until August 27, you can try and prove that you have what it takes in Apex Legends. The solo mode is live, meaning you go into a 60 player battle royale on your own, and show that you are the meanest, quickest gun in the arena.

Several challenges can be completed for Iron Crown Collection gear, 24 pieces of gear all the way up to Legendary rarity with a medieval slash pirate theme.

The Kings Canyon area has been reskinned for the event, turned into Octane Town, so it might be worth heading over there while you kill everyone (or dodge all the fights until you have the right gear) to see what has changed.

Director of product management Lee Horn says that while solo mode won’t be around for very long, it will probably appear again, especially if it proves popular. “We are always striving to ensure healthy matchmaking across all modes, so it’s too early to say whether Solos will be permanent or not, but we’re going to watch and see what happens.”

From August 16 to August 19, there is double XP for top five finishes and wins, for those with the luck and skill to get there.

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