SNES games could be heading to the Switch soon

Oh Nintendo. We’ve been asking for this since the Switch launched, but as always you beat to your own drum. It’s now been 2.5 years since the Switch launched and it looks like we will finally at long last see SNES games being released for the console.

Someone on Resetera spotted an FCC ID filing that has Nintendo showcasing a controller that looks very much like the SNES controller. As with the NES controllers that Nintendo launched for the Switch, it seems that they want these SNES controllers to act like Joy-Con’s too as you’ll notice that the L and R shoulder buttons are missing. It’s likely that you’ll be able to attach shoulder buttons as you would with the Joy-Con straps. 

The other bit of important info is that their controllers will also be Bluetooth controllers, which means it would be the first official wireless SNES controllers to date.

At the time of writing Nintendo have not yet confirmed when we can see this launching for the Switch, but our bet is on it being soon. In time for the holidays later this year at the very least. 

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