Atlus confirms a Spring 2020 release for P5R in the West

Join the Phantom Thieves once more as Atlus announces a more specific launch window for the west, Spring 2020. Which should be SA’s second quarter of the year. I pin down an end of March or April release. Especially since Japan will be receiving the game on the 31st of October 2019.

This enhanced edition of P5 grants players the chance to visit new areas, inside and outside of the dungeons. And from a prior trailer, also showed off the entire group hanging out together in a new ‘hang-out’ spot. Players will also be able to interact with new characters including a new addition to the thieves themselves, utilize new battle mechanics, and play out a third semester, which extends the school year even further. Check out the reveal trailer below.

If Persona 4 Golden is anything to go by, Persona 5 Royal will most definitely be the definitive edition that Persona fans will have the pleasure of playing. And if you’re new to the Persona franchise, well this is even more reason to jump in.

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