Gears 5 Horde mode has hero-shooter style ultimates

Last night The Coalition revealed Gears 5’s Horde mode and the co-op defense looks rather fine.

Teams of five will face off against waves of enemies, but this time the character you play is more than just cosmetic: they have hero-shooter style ultimates that will define your role and help you shine in tough encounters.

JD can call in an airstrike, Fahz has an X-Ray to see through walls and Kait turns invisible for some good Predator style killing. You can also play as Jack, the helpful little bot that could. Jack flies around, aiding allies and causing havoc with area-of-effect abilities. Jack’s ultimate, Hi-Jack, lets you tether to an enemy and take control of them.

Players won’t be able to hunker down in this Horde mode, as every 10 waves, after the boss fight, a power tap will spawn somewhere in the map. You want to capture and protect these taps to get a steady stream of power, so clever expansion will become key to reaching the final waves.

Gears 5 comes out on 6 September on Xbox One and PC, where it will be on Steam too.

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