Rumour: Apple Arcade sub will cost $5 a month

Back in March, we brought you the news about Apple’s upcoming mobile video game subscription service – Apple Arcade. Apple promised 100+ games at launch and, as Marko pointed out, with a focus on specifically designed mobile games and Apple’s reasonable curation pedigree – the service was one to keep your eye on. All that being said – a lot of that positivity would be dependent on the, as of then unknown, price point. But that may have just changed…

Guilherme Rambo, writing for, says that 9to5 was able to check out Apple’s Early Access program for the new service. Later (via “one of the APIs used by the App Store app”), Rambo then saw a promotional message which touted a $4.99 price point along with a first-month free trial.

Of course, the manner which this info was obtained leaves it firmly in the rumour section of the news today. However, at that price point (especially with the option of Family Sharing being available) this subscription service looks rather attractive. This is especially the case if it means people can access higher quality mobile games without constant intrusive ads.

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